The Innkeepers

Rebecca and I are thrilled to land in the Mad River Valley to embark on our next adventure! Our mutual desire to explore, play outside, and travel has led us to a variety of incredibly diverse landscapes to live, boat, ski, or hike. Through all that, careers, and the day-to-day life we have kept an eye on what matters most to us: family, surrounding ourselves with exceptional people, sustainable healthy living, quality time in the outdoors, delicious food, and an incredibly comfortable place to rest our heads. In 2016, we purchased the Wilder Farm Inn to turn the ideal into a reality for ourselves, daughter Iris, and two dogs, Rosie and Fletch.

We met as graduate students in Utah and bonded immediately over our love of rivers. Ryan worked for many years as a raft and fishing guide where he had his first experiences cooking breakfast for guests. He loved it and has, ever since, served bacon with a smile. A master’s degree in Natural Resource Management led to a job as the Director of the Outdoor Recreation Program at Montana State University. He led students through the wild places of Montana and taught them the skills necessary to travel safely on their own.

Rebecca spent nearly every summer of her childhood in the Mad River Valley, hiking the Green Mountains and swimming in the creeks and rivers. Her love of this landscape translated into a career focused on understanding the forces that shape it. As a fluvial geomorphologist (aka river scientist), Rebecca has explored the interactions of water, sediment, and plants in diverse river systems, including the Hudson in the Adirondack Mountains, the Yampa in Colorado, and the Rio Moquegua in Peru.

Your stay at the Wilder Farm Inn will reflect everything that we hold dear. We work hard to cultivate a relaxing environment here at the inn complete with creative, hearty breakfasts made with ingredients picked fresh from our garden and personal suggestions for a day’s itinerary that will help you make the most of the incredible resources this region of Vermont has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to the Farm and hope that upon departure, you will feel like part of the family!

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