Do you know where your food is coming from?

Here at the Wilder Farm Inn, we do:

Summer Veggies?
Not from the supermarket; straight from our organic garden or, when the season is right, locally foraged by the cook himself!

Morning Baked Goods?
Not from a plastic bag; scratch made & straight from our oven using organic ingredients.

Maple Syrup?
Not from Aunt Jemima; from Hartshorn's Sugarhouse right down the road.

Not factory farmed; straight from the local farm to our door.

Not the pre-shredded cheap stuff; only Vermont cheddar and goat used here.

Cabot Butter!...need we say more?

Sure Lipton is OK and we have that...but for you hardcore tea drinkers, we offer a wide variety of hand-blended, artisinal teas from the Vermont Liberty Tea Company in Waterbury.

Okay, we admit it...we're coffee snobs - so we go the distance...all the way to Puerto Rico.  We've tried them all and we really believe this is the BEST!

Imagine waking to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, a roaring real-wood fireplace and soothing music.  Then dining on thoughtfully prepared meals which are served on our own handmade pottery...sound nice?  Meet new friends sitting at our family farm table or enjoy a cozy, romantic breakfast at a table for two...the choice is yours.

Each breakfast menu is crafted daily to be both approachable and special.  We also give careful attention to those with special dietary needs; vegan, gluten free, etc. (please give us 24 hours notice so that we can make your meal really yummy).

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